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From Sensation to Image is a practical workshop to exercise a non-mediated sensory mode of perceiving reality. Through guided dynamics, the participant will relate to the environment with an awake and conscious attention; they will amplify their receptivity to visual and sonorous stimuli; they will connect in real time the shapes they see and hear with their thoughts, memories and emotions; and they will exercise their ability to give a personal response free of linguistic apriorisms and stored images.
It often happens that those who work with image obtained have a relationship with «the real» mediated by a culturally constructed visuality. We produce images (photographic, filmic, graphical) based on other images as references. Most pedagogies of visual arts base their methodology on seeing and learning from what others did before. That’s why it is common to observe in audiovisual artistic production that there is plenty of brain, foresight and concept, while body, adventure and living experience are lacking; there is an excess of intention, egotism and verbiage and a lack of detachment, emotion and self-forgetfulness; there is plenty of repetition, protocol and perspective and a lack of renewal, fringes and commitment. For this reason we propose a methodology that activates a mode of being (us), observing (us) and feeling (us) in space. For a few days, a few hours, we will move from the sensory experience to the image as a way to find ourselves primitively in relation to the material world, without filters or apriorisms, only guided by physical sensations going through us. This workshop implies a seed to decolonize the processes of production of imaginaries – and therefore the imaginaries themselves – to return to the origin; we will try to exhaust ourselves in the radicality of the shadows to be able, like the beasts, to feel ourselves while feeling us letting go.


Intended for all types of participants with or without experience in visual arts who want to let themselves fall into the living mystery of things and who want to explore some routes for creation and / or self-knowledge.


Weekend from October 1 to 3, 2021.
Friday from 6pm. at 9pm. and Saturdays and Sundays from 10am. at 1pm.
From 6 to 15 seats.
€ 150 full activity.
€ 100 tight pockets.
€ 50 the single session.



Registration will be done by sending an email to La Fragua Bruta indicating the activity you wish to attend. Payment can be made on site or by bank transfer indicating BRUSSELS as the concept. Once we receive proof of payment, we will reserve your place for the meeting by a confirmation email. If for reasons beyond our control the activity has to be cancelled, we will proceed to reimburse you by bank transfer.


If you have any questions about this workshop, La Fragua Bruta and/or those who teach this workshop, please write to us. We will be happy to answer you. We uselly work in Spain (in Spanish), but we speak English and French too, so just try!

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